The German metalworkers union, IG Metall, has started a series of warning strikes across the country today.

Two regions have been hit hardest, namely Nordrhein-Westfalen and Baden-Württemberg. More than 600 DaimlerChryslers took action at the Rastatt plant in Baden-Württemberg last night – resulting in the loss of 800 units production, according to dpa-AFX.

Workers are claiming a pay increase of 6.5% nationally, while employers are offering just 2.5%, along with a productivity bonus of 0.5%.

The fifth round of negotiations is due to take place on Thursday 3rd May.

The Baden-Württemberg region houses Porsche, DaimlerChrysler and Bosch plants, and for decades the agreement reached in this state has set the precedent for agreements in the automotive industry in other German states.