DaimlerChrysler has once again rejected suggestions from BMW that the two companies might be able to work more closely together.

BMW and DaimlerChrysler currently have one cooperation in the area of hybrid drivetrain development and BMW executives have recently been quoted saying that now that DaimlerChrysler has sold Chrysler, it might make sense for their company and Mercedes to cooperate more closely.

BMW marketing and sales director Michael Ganal told the German financial weekly, Wirtschaftswoche, last month that “cooperations are the right thing for us as they give everyone entrepreneurial freedom”. Ganal thinks that Mercedes would make a good cooperation partner because they have a similar business structure.

“Both brands are in the premium segment, both support high technologies, both are independent but neither is the largest manufacturer.”

Mercedes marketing director, Klaus Maier, spurned Ganal’s suggestion.

This week BMW development manager Klaus Draeger said in an interview with enthusiast magazine Auto Motor und Sport that he could see BMW and Mercedes cooperating on other areas of transmission and engine development, and in purchasing. “We are working well together on full and mild hybrids. There could more development projects in the area of transmissions,” he said.

“I can imagine that we might share some engine components – but this would not happen for at least four years,” he added. “Joint purchasing is a possibility because it would allow both parties to achieve cost savings – and this would definitely be of interest to Mercedes after the sale of Chrysler.”

A DaimlerChrysler spokesperson denied that Daimler has any plans for further cooperation with BMW, but did say that Daimler is open for partnership projects with other OEMs, where it makes sense.