DaimlerChrysler management board chairman Dieter Zetsche has confirmed for the first time that discussions have taken place with interested parties regarding future options for the Chrysler Group.

“In this context, I can confirm that we are talking with some of the potential partners who have shown a clear interest,” Zetsche was quoted as saying in the text of the speech he was scheduled to deliver at the automaker’s annual meeting in Berlin today (Wednesday 4 April).

However, Zetsche continued, “But it is also true that we need to keep all options open, and that I cannot disclose any details, because we need to have the maximum scope for manoeuvre.”

The company’s management requires “the greatest possible flexibility so that we can identify and then professionally implement the best possible solution.”

Zetsche said the basic requirement with all options is that the recovery and transformation plan, presented in February, is consistently implemented, which will lead Chrysler back to profitability.

“DaimlerChrysler has defined clear criteria for the decision-making process.”

The company wants to enhance DaimlerChrysler’s financial strength in a sustainable way and increase its value; create the right conditions for a clear strategic focus for DaimlerChrysler; make the Chrysler Group’s business system competitive and profitable on a sustainable basis; and find the best possible option for the employees.

“This means, that after reviewing all options, we will finally decide for the option that best meets our criteria,” Zetsche was quoted in the text of the speech, adding: “So far, I am satisfied with the process. Everything is going according to plan.”