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Daimler is hoping to retain a minority interest in Chrysler.

The German weekly news magazine, Der Spiegel, reported that DaimlerChrysler CEO Dieter Zetsche is hoping to sell a majority interest to a new owner, and retain a minority shareholding to guarantee the continuance of existing cooperation between Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler.

This is not the first report of this kind. According to dpa-AFX, another weekly news magazine, Witschaftswoche, reported earlier this month that DaimlerChrysler was hoping to retain a 10-20% share in Chrysler.

Officially DaimlerChrysler is considering all options for the US division, and as a result of this Chrysler’s shares are currently at their highest level since 2000.

According to Der Spiegel, prospective bidders Cerberus, Blackstone and Magna International are all keen for Daimler to retain a stake in Chrysler. The report says that investment in Chrysler has been so weak in recent years that it could not develop a full range of new models without a partner such as Mercedes, which could supply engines, gearboxes and other parts.