After the separation of Chrysler, there will be an extraordinary DaimlerChrysler shareholder meeting to decide on the future direction of the company and its future name.


According to Automobilwoche, that meeting will take place on 4 October in Berlin. Until now, the automaker had acknowledged that a meeting would take place some time in the autumn but not given a fixed date.

Automobilwoche learnt the news at an event at the Mercedes plant in Tuscaloosa, USA. A senior manager there said that Berlin had been chosen as the location for the meeting, over Stuttgart, for organisational and cost reasons. DaimlerChrysler has been holding annual general meetings at the Berlin Congress Centre for some time.


One of the things the meeting must decide is the new name for the company. Management has proposed ‘Daimler AG’, which would differentiate the new company from its previous history as Daimler-Benz.

Shareholders are also expecting the company’s chairman, Dieter Zetsche, to outline future goals for the new company.


The new name has been heavily criticised internally and in the press, for not remembering the names of both of the company’s founders, Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz. According to Automobilwoche, Zetsche will alleviate some of this concern by renaming all plants that produce cars and trucks Mercedes-Benz plants, rather than Daimler plants.