Daimler has said that it has completed a huge CAD migration project working with Siemens.

The transition to Siemens NX CAD software has been completed in all business units across the group and more than 6,200 users have received training for the large-scale project, known internally as PLM2015.

The company said that key criteria to switch from the CATIA V5 design software, which had been used for many years, to Siemens NX, were the improvement of efficiency and sustainability – and the wish to integrate the product data management software currently used by Daimler, which forms the IT framework for all the development and product planning processes, with the CAD system.

Dr Michael Gorriz, CIO Daimler, said: “I would like to thank all the people who have worked so hard to complete our biggest IT migration project in recent decades to the planned schedule. The introduction of the new design and product data software not only means that we are well prepared for the future. We have also taken the opportunity to bring our engineering processes in line with the highest standards in the automotive industry.”

Since 2012, more than 6,200 users throughout the company have received training. Some 33 role-based training modules were made available in German and English, and special courses were offered in Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

In peak periods, over 300 employees from the research and development office in Bangalore, India, were working on the migration of data from CATIA V5 to NX. In total, more than 235,000 CAD objects were migrated to the new software.

Daimler said that all relevant suppliers either already use Siemens NX or have switched to Siemens NX in response to the software migration at Daimler.