Sales of Dacia cars in the first half of this year in Germany could exceed those in its home market on the back of a scrappage scheme surge. The firm is has raising production in Romania as a result.
Francois Fourmont, general manager of Automobile Dacia , told Romanian daily Ziarul Financiar that strong demand from Germany means the firm will not axe its third shift.
In addition, Dacia will raise the production of Sandero for western Europe, and it will reach 50% of local production, versus 30% currently, the report said.
The report said that in 2008 the first three markets for Dacia cars were Romania (more than 84,000 units), France (over 43,000 ones), and Germany (25,500 units) but at the beginning of this year, the situation got reversed, with the sales in the two markets in Western Europe being higher than those in Romania.
The upward demand has led to an increase in production from 1,085 cars a day at the beginning of this year to 1,200 cars starting on March 9.

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