Continental has presented a new potential application for surround view camera technology at an event with the Allianz Centre for Technology (AZT) in Ismaning near Munich.

The supplier maintains the back-up assist helps to avoid collisions while reversing at low speeds based on the integrated surround view camera technology in the demonstration vehicle.

It encompasses the entirety of the vehicle’s surroundings in a 360° view and can be used for various functions.

“Until now, fish eye camera technology was used to assist drivers while parking by showing the vehicle from a bird’s eye perspective and the vehicle path while reversing,” said Continental Chassis & Safety Division Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Business Unit director, Wolfgang Fey.

“This allows drivers to better estimate the distance to objects in their surroundings. However, we see additional applications for the surround view systems.

“These include automatic brake intervention while reversing, a cross traffic assistant and automated parking.”