Continental is adding a fifth electronics plants in Mexico beginning in 2014 to produce short-range radar sensors.

The location of the new plant will be decided in coming weeks. Friedrich Angerbauer, executive vice president of the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) business unit, said it was possible the facility would be co-located at one of the company’s existing electronics plant in Cuautla, Guadalajara, Nogales or Tlaquepaque.

Short-range radar (24 GHz) is an emerging technology consisting of cameras, radar and infrared lidar sensing that allows adaptive cruise control, pedestrian protection, forward collision warning, blind-spot detection, lane-change assist and autonomous emergency braking (AEB), reported Wards Auto.

Arouond five OEMs will source short-range sensors from the new Mexican facility and annual volume will soon exceed 1m units, said Angerbauer. The Ingolstadt plant in Germany is the single source for the sensors for the company. The new facility will produce a second generation sensor.

The company is making huge investments in these systems as auto manufacturers and governments want to eliminate traffic fatalities. The ADAS unit is expected to expand by 40% within five years, according to the company.  Continental said it had also developed a stereo camera system for AEB functionality and production is to commence by the end of 2012.

UK-based Thatcham Research forecast that the number of personal injury and damage claims will decrease by 800,000 by 2018 if AEB continues a steady introduction in new vehicles.