Automotive glass interlayer producer Solutia has launched VancevaT Colour interlayers for automotive laminated glazing at the Glasstec 2002 trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Vanceva T Color has been previewed on several concept and production vehicles launched during 2002.

Solutia Europe/Africa marketing director Andy Joseph claims colour interlayers gives vehicle makers “freedom to think beyond the traditional uses of automotive glass, in this case, using glass as an integral design element.

“Without compromising the solar, security, sound and safety benefits, VancevaT Color gives vehicle makers a unique way of differentiating their brands through the glazing.”

VancevaT Color is already used on the roofs of the Porsche 911 Targa, with its sliding glass roof panel and fully glazed glass opening rear hatchback, and the Volvo XC70. It has also been featured on concept cars such as the Chevrolet Bel Air, Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky, GMC Terra 4, Ford GT40 and Ford F-350 Tonka.

Several more production and concepts cars are in the pipeline.

VancevaT Colour interlayers are offered with three so-called ‘coloir-level options: a ‘traditional palette of eight colours commonly used in the automotive industry; a ‘premium palette’ of 54 colours that create an extended range of contemporarywindow options; and·’custom colour’ made in any colour to suit.