Senior German politicians from the CDU political party have provided some support for alternative – to Magna – bids for Opel.

Michael Fuchs, MP from the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU – which participates in a governing coalition led by CDU leader Angela Merkel), has demanded that the BAIC bid be reviewed earnestly.

Fuchs told German daily newspaper Bild that Magna should not be viewed as the only possible buyer in the negotiations over Opel’s future and that other bids should not be ignored.

The president of the CDU’s economic board, Kurt Lauk, also called for examining BAIC’s offer closely rather than limiting the talks to Magna. He suggested that the future of the Chinese automotive industry may be more promising than that of Magna.

However, other politicians, including local ones where Opel plants are located, have supported the Magna bid which is seen as protecting more jobs in Germany. A general election in Germany is due in September.

Trade union IG Metall as well as Opel’s works council have earlier expressed their preference for Magna’s bid.

Magna has already signed a preliminary agreement with Opel’s US parent, GM, and is pushing for a quick conclusion of the deal. However, negotiations are said to have hit a few obstacles in the areas of technology access and territorial sales arrangements for ‘Opel Mk II’.