Proving that suppliers have to take action to reduce their impact on the environment, as well as vehicle manufacturers, Bosch has entered into an environmental pact with its local state government.

All Bosch plants in Bavaria will commit to the Bavarian state government’s environmental pact, the focus of which is to proactively prevent environmental pollution. The supplier will also participate in forums to address issues such as water management, energy saving and reductions in pollutant emissions.

The individual Bosch sites that will now join are in Ansbach, Augsfeld, Elchingen, Munich, Nuremberg, Ottobrunn, Schweinfurt, Straubing/Hohenwarth, and Volkach. The Bamberg, Lohr, and Immenstadt/Blaichach sites are already members of the environmental pact.

In a statement Bosch highlighted measures that it is already taking to reduce its impact on the environment. It said that heat pumps were connected to heating circuits as early as 1985 and that digital control technology has also been used for over 20 years to guarantee efficient energy control.

Since 1990, ventilation systems with regenerative heat exchangers have been installed in any new buildings or whenever renovation work is done. Boilers with condensing technology have been in operation at Bosch sites since 1995, and the buildings’ thermal insulation has been consistently optimised. The heat from air compressors is reused for heating drinking water and other purposes.