Robert Bosch on Monday said it had signed a cooperation agreement with Infineon Technologies under which the two companies would collaborate in the field of power semiconductors.

Bosch, which makes automotive semiconductors, will be be licensed to use Infineon’s technology to manufacture low-voltage power MOSFETs (metal-oxide-silicon field-effect transistors).

“This will strengthen our position when it comes to manufacturing electronic components and systems for controlling high electrical power,” said the supplier’s electronics division chief Volkmar Denner.

“In particular, this will extend the range of products we can deliver for new drive technologies in cars, such as hybrid drives and fully electrical drives.”

Infineon chairman Peter Bauer said: “Together with… Bosch, we want to further improve the energy efficiency of electrical components in vehicles.”

The agreement also includes a second-source arrangement. In parallel to Bosch semiconductor manufacturing in Reutlingen, Infineon will manufacture components developed in accordance with these processes and supply them to its partner.