BMW said its 110,891 group-wide vehicle sales in August were up 7.4% and a record for the month. Year to date sales reached 1,073,363, up 16.8%.

Sales and marketing head Ian Robertson said: “We expect our growth to increase to double-digit figures in September and we are absolutely on track to achieve our goal of over 1.6m vehicle sales in 2011.”

BMW brand sales increased 7.8% last month to 94,882 vehicles and rose 15.2% to 893,474 units.

Mini brand sales were up 5.2% to 15,761 in August and 24.8% to 177,829 year to date.

In Europe group sales in August grew 11.4% to 47,009 units. Asia accounted for 29,311 units, up 9.2%, while sales in the Americas were up 1.5% to 29,916 vehicles.