BMW said in a statement today that ‘2001 was by far the most successful business year ever in the history of the BMW Group, the Company achieving record figures in sales, production, deliveries, and capital expenditure’.

The figures underline the group’s solid progress in recent years, growing volume and profitability through a strategy of concentrating on its core activities following the disposal of Rover in 2000.

The ‘Letter to Shareholders’ puts overall group sales at Euro 37,853 million in 2001, 7.1% above the previous year’s figure. The company states that sales in the Automobiles Segment are up by 13.1% to Euro 33,521 million. The Motorcycles Segment was able to boost sales for the first time to more than Euro 1.0 billion last year (Euro 1,059 million, up by 14.1%). The increase recorded by Financial Services, in turn, was 5.8% above the sales figure in fiscal 2000, up to Euro 7,459 million.

The company is upbeat about 2002 prospects: “We are confident that the company will continue its process of ongoing growth in 2002”, states Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Milberg, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG. “The premium segments of the international car markets will continue to develop at an above-average pace.”

Total BMW car production was 946,730 units in 2001 (including 42,395 minis) a new record. Some 904,335 BMW marque cars were produced worldwide, 8.4% ahead of the previous year.

The statement also highlights significant steps to increase capacity in 2001, including 80% production capacity growth for the BMW X5 at the Spartanburg Plant in the USA.

In the UK, production at the new Hams Hall Engine Plant started in January 2001 and capacity was built up at the new Oxford Plant for the Mini.

Overall capital expenditure in 2001 amounted to Euro 2,828 million (+32.3%). The new plant in the Leipzig/Halle Region, involves an investment of Euro 1.3 billion.