A snap-in wireless charging adapter is now available as a BMW accessory. It also functions as a stable storage system for the mobile phone.

An integrated LED display provides continuous information on the charging process and the status of the phone when it is not in use. A stainless steel/matt black plastic retaining clip ensures the phone is held firmly in place while a rubberised underside of the retaining clip protects the display from scratches. The inductive connection with the external aerial guarantees optimum network coverage and reduces the level of radiation inside the car, BMW claims. The snap-in wireless charging adapter can be used in all BMW vehicles fitted with a base plate.

Wireless charged iPhone

A new wireless charging case permits wireless charging of Apple iPhones (5, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus) in the redesigned BMW 7 Series with the wireless charging option or in all other BMW models with the snap-in wireless charging adapter.

The BMW branded wireless charging case is a one-piece unit with a fold-up lid and is used in a similar way to a conventional mobile phone protective case. When the iPhone is put into the case, it is compatible with all Qi-certified chargers, the automaker said.