BMW Group said on Thursday that it set new sales volume and revenue records in 2002.

Total revenues rose 9.9% to €42,282 million in 2002 (2001: €38,463 million). Revenues of the automobiles segment increased by 13.8% to €38,179 million (2001: €33,542 million) and those of the motorcycles segment by 6.7% to €1,130 million (2001: €1,059 million). The financial services segment recorded a 9.3% increase in revenues to reach €8,213 million (2001: €7,514 million).

The BMW Group sold more than one million BMW and MINI cars in 2002 for the first time in a single year. In total, the group sold 1,057,344 units, 16.7% more than in the previous year (905.657 units).

Car production increased by 15.2% to 1,090,258 units (2001: 946,730). This includes 930,221 BMW cars (2001: 904,335) manufactured in the plants in Munich, Dingolfing, Regensburg (Germany), Spartanburg (USA) and Rosslyn (South Africa) as well as at the group’s assembly plants, 2.9% more than in the previous year. In addition, 160,037 Minis (2001: 42,395) were manufactured at the Oxford plant in Britain.

BMW Group created 5,132 new jobs in 2002 mainly in development, production and sales, an increase of 5.3%.

In 2002, the group invested €3,185 million in property, plant and equipment and intangible assets.

The company said that the world’s three main sales regions (North America, Europe, Japan) are not expected to perform consistently in 2003 and forecasts that more dynamic economic growth will not be seen until the second half of the year at the earliest.

“The effects on business of the current tense global political situation remain incalculable,” BMW said in a statement.

The company has a busy new model year ahead of it. An all-new X3 SUV and redesigned 5-series are expected to debut and 2003 will also be the first year of sales for the Rolls-Royce lucury car brand.