Behr is responding to the increase in raw material prices with a new production technique that can save material costs by around 10%, reports Automobilwoche. From May it will introduce a new plastic extrusion technology, called MuCell at its Neustadt plant, which produces air-conditioning systems.

In an interview with Automobilwoche Behr’s CEO, Markus Flik, explained that the family-owned company would invest €150m in Germany in developing new products and new highly automated production units. “We are fighting for every German job, because we are a German company,” said Flik.

To improve its competitiveness Behr has just expanded its research centre in Stutgart following an investment of €15m and added a new test track and prototype assembly shop for engine cooling systems.

Despite the commitment to Germany more than half of Behr’s R&D budget is spent overseas. At the end of this year Behr will open a new plant and a development centre in Shanghai, reports the paper.