In the first four months of this year, Audi sold a record number of cars for the period: around 259,000 which is approximately 4.1% more than the 248,924 vehicles sold in January to April last year.

Marketing and sales chief Ralph Weyler said: “This record figure has been achieved despite the run-out of the A6 saloon. The A8 and A3 both contributed significantly to this success, with sales of both models rising sharply compared with the previous year. With the launch of the new A6 in the last few days, we are confident that we will achieve a new record figure for vehicle sales again for 2004 as a whole.”

The A8 enjoyed the highest rate of growth in the first four months with sales in the region of 7,400 models, an increase of around 50%. It was followed by the A3 with sales of around 57,500 units, an increase of one third compared with 2003.