Gentherm is partnering with ThermoAnalytics, a thermal modelling software development firm, to improve human comfort predictions.

Individual comfort varies widely from person to person and there is an increased need to improve existing and develop new software capabilities which can accurately predict an individual’s personalised comfort and wellness.

The collaboration leverages the thermophysiology expertise from both companies to design and develop new tools.

The partnership aims to move beyond thermal comfort predictions to include the effects of moisture on human comfort. ThermoAnalytics will add new functionality to its software based on previous research conducted with companies and the US Army.

The software capability will enable Gentherm to improve the personalised thermal comfort experience provided through the company’s Climate Control Seat (CCS) and future ClimateSense solutions. These features will be integrated into ThermoAnalytics’ suite of thermal modelling software.

“Gentherm and ThermoAnalytics share a vision of a human-centric approach in understanding and delivering personalised thermal comfort,” said Gentherm president and CEO, Phil Eyler. “We anticipate these advanced tools, leveraging predictive analytics, will allow us to accelerate our continued innovation of thermal solutions.”