Toyota claims its Hybrid X, now on show at Geneva, is a concept that “proposes a new design language for hybrid models”.

The car was designed as a four-door, four-seat ‘open-space’ concept with dimensions of a conventional family car with an overall length of 4,500mm and wheelbase of 2,800mm. The width is 1,850mm and height 1,440mm.

It was developed by Toyota’s European styling centre, ED², in the south of France and is said to have features uniquely identifiable as coming from Toyota.

Interior designer Laurent Bouzige, said: “Hybrid X is conceived as a multi-sensory experience. There is a formal style in the shape of the vehicle and the material used but every other reaction is linked to the passengers’ senses of sound, smell, sight and touch through interactive ambience.”

He pointed out that the strongest form element of the exterior shape is the two ‘U’ shapes created by the massive upper glass frame area and the unconventional A and C pillars. When viewed from above this gives the impression of a vast X – hence the name of the concept.

The U-shaped pillars allow the general shape of Hybrid X to achieve superior aerodynamics further enhanced by smooth surface lines and the integrated rear spoiler.

The glass area enhances visibility to create an ‘open-space’ concept which ‘frames the vision’ in all directions, including upwards.

Access and innovation are features of the rear-hinged passenger doors which open electronically.

Headlamps are integrated into the dashboard and are now part of the car’s interior. These LED lamps are ‘intelligent’ and display graphic forms through animation, allowing the car to communicate safety information to pedestrians or other drivers, such as safety distances, acceleration and braking.

Energy-efficient LED tail lights form another U shape.

The driver can set the ambience within the car via an interface controlling sight, sound, touch and smell. LED lighting provides a variety of illumination along with different musical backgrounds. A perfume diffuser provides nice aromas and the use of many different materials and textures on the interior surfaces provides variety to the touch.

The drive-by-wire steering pad features a central screen that relays vital information to the driver about the energy flow path, fuel consumption and gear position. Interactive navigation and Bluetooth connectivity are provided by a second screen in front of the driver.

A third touch screen in the console controls the ambience settings, such as the entertainment and audio systems, lighting operation and air conditioning. A sensitive touch control on the steering pad allows the driver to switch the information displayed on the screens.

The space saving seats are formed using injected foam, which make them comfortable and reduce weight. In order to further promote human interaction, the two independent rear seats can be swivelled by 12 degrees to let passengers either enjoy the scenery or converse.

Production? No. This is purely a concept, though it might be noted that the perfume diffuser is already in some Peugeot and Citroen models.