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BMW has launched a ‘concept’ 5 series Gran Turismo, a five-door vehicle with four seats, which, it said, combines features of a prestigious sedan, a sports activity vehicle and a classic GT, or grand tourer. The concept will be at Geneva, the production car at Frankfurt in September.

The four side doors have frameless windows, seating is slightly elevated and a glass panorama roof is fitted.

Folding rear seats and a partition wall give passenger/luggage flexibility from a separate luggage compartment, as in a sedan, to a loading capacity of 1,650 litres or almost 58 cubic feet with the rear seats folded down. This is supplemented by a two-piece tailgate with separate openings.

The partition wall behind the rear seats isolates the passenger compartment from luggage compartment noise and temperature, as in a sedan. If necessary, the rear seats move fore-and-aft by up to 100mm or more than 3.9″ – so that with the seats moved as far forward as possible, the occupants still have the same legroom as in the 5 series sedan, with luggage capacity increasing to 570 litres or almost 20 cubic feet.

Folding down the rear seat backrests and the partition wall increases luggage space to its maximum capacity of 1,650 litres. The solid luggage compartment cover can be stowed away in the floor of the compartment.

Opening the small, sedan-like tailgate beneath the rear window enables luggage compartment loading without creating any drafts into the passenger compartment or changing the cabin temperature. To load bulky objects, the large tailgate is opened.

This is similar to a feature recently introduced on Skoda’s range-topping Superb model which offers a ‘boot’ or ‘tailgate’ opening according to need. It’s also a much more complex variation of a feature seen on the old 1990s Citroen XM hatchback which had a plastic additional rear window that fitted snugly against the loadspace cover when the one-piece tailgate was opened, shieldling passengers from draughts.

BMW said the new car “addresses a demanding and modern target group – discerning individuals who attach great importance to genuine style, luxurious comfort and flexibility in use. This gives BMW the opportunity to win over customers who today drive either a sedan, an SUV or an wagon model in the respective competitive segments”.