‘Leaked’ website photos of all-new production-ready Audi A5 and S5 models sent auto enthusiast websites into a frenzy last week and the automaker subsequently confirmed some details of the stylish new coupe line making its global debut at the Geneva motor show.

Audi bills the new line as its “entry into a highly emotionally charged segment of the market”.

The new car will be offered with a range of FSI (direct injection petrol) and TDI (direct injection turbodiesel) engines including top V8 petrol and V6 diesel units. Power outputs range from 125 to 195 kW (170 to 265 bhp).

Both front-wheel drive and quattro four-wheel drive will be available along with a choice of six-speed manual or automatic gearboxes. The running gear developed for the A5 is entirely new, Audi said.

“The A5 has been crafted to be a modern grand tourer, a touring coupé in the best tradition,” the automaker said in a pre-launch statement.

The A5 and S5 are available to order from 6 March 2007 with first deliveries in June.

Audi said elements of the 2003 Nuvolari quattro concept car were adopted for the A5.

It is 4.63 m long with a luggage load volume of 455 litres and is claimed to be a comfortable long-distance tourer with room for four passengers.