Hyundai Motor's premium brand, Genesis, has launched in Canada.

The Genesis product line-up will initially count two models – the G80 mid-size luxury sedan and the G90 full-size luxury sedan – before expanding to six models by 2021, including a sports coupe, smaller sedan, and SUVs.

Canadian potential owners will also be able to schedule a "Genesis at Home" demonstration and vehicle test drive with a Genesis representative at a location of their choosing. They can even complete lease or finance paperwork, make a deposit, and place an order for a new vehicle through the digital platform from the comfort of their home or office, the brand says.

The Genesis at Home concierge service extends from the purchase process into the ownership period where customers can have their vehicle picked up for scheduled maintenance, left a courtesy vehicle, and returned when complete.

"We recognise that most every vehicle competing in the luxury segment is a well-designed product. It has to be; an excellent car is what all luxury customers expect from the outset. Genesis is different and goes beyond exceptional cars by providing a human-centred purchase and ownership experience," says Michael Ricciuto, Director of Genesis. "Genesis will bring the brand into customers' lives in a harmonious way, saving them time with simplified, set pricing, fully-equipped models, and the Genesis at Home concierge service for sales and service."

In mid-2017, Genesis Motors Canada will launch 'boutique retail locations' in shopping centres across Canada. Maintaining Genesis' focus on authenticity, they will offer a luxury shopping experience in a sophisticated store setting.

The brand will also expand to approximately 30 stand-alone Genesis facilities between late 2017 and 2021.