Claimed world first face recognition technology for keyless entry is among a number of new features for the 2023 edition of Genesis’ electric GV60 SUV.

Digital key and air purification systems are also among the available upgrades.

‘Face Connect’ uses a face recognition sensor with deep learning image processing to lock or unlock the car. It’s set up using an app and owners customers will only need to access the car once with the physical key once to set up a profile for face recognition entry fingertip recognition starting.

An LED indicator on the B pillar provides visual feedback and all data is stored securely via encrypted software in the vehicle. Genesis said no biometric data is uploaded and stored remotely.

Last September, supplier Grupo Antolin said it planned to offer automakers face recognition technology.

Genesis acknowledged the technology used resembles the tech already featured on millions of smartphones, “allowing seamless integration and guaranteeing both safety and security”.

The new digital key allows vehicle access using a smartphone or smartwatch and can be shared with up to three people via smartphones.

The new air purification system includes a high performance, ‘premium’ air filter which detects cabin air quality and activates automatically when dust concentration increases.