GAC Honda Automobile (GAC Honda), a Honda joint venture company in China, said it would absorb its wholly owned subsidiary, Honda Automobile (China) from 1 April, 2020.

As a result of this merger, Honda Automobile (China) will be renamed as the Guangzhou Development District Factory of GAC Honda.

Honda Automobile (China) was established in 2003 as China's first automobile production plant dedicated exclusively for export. Among other models, it built the Jazz (Fit) for export to the UK and Europe.

To make its production operation more flexible and efficient and to improve its business structure, Honda Automobile (China) was made a wholly owned subsidiary in 2018.

As Guangzhou Development District Factory, the plant will begin producing Accord for China starting in April while continuing to produce and export the City for Mexico.

With the addition of the 50,000 unit production capacity, the total production capacity of GAC Honda will be 770,000 units a year.