Renault and electric vehicle infrastructure partner Better Place have commited to a volume of at least 100.000 vehicles in Israel and Denmark by 2016.

According to the latest agreement, Better Place will start importing and distributing Renault’s first passenger electric vehicle, the five seat Fluence ZE sedan, in the first half of 2011 and will support customers buying the car from the Renault network in Denmark.

A Fluence ZE concept was unveiled at the Frankfurt show today.

The all-electric car has a range of 160km (about 100 miles) and the can be completely re-charged in four to eight hours via a standard charge or in under five minutes using a planned ‘quickdrop’ battery change system said to take less time than refuelling a conventional car.

There will also be a quick charge option that restores the battery to 80% state of charge in 20 minutes.

Better Place will manage the charging infrastructure including integration with local utilities.

Israeili models will have a four-year/120,000km warranty and deliveries start in the first half of 2011. Cars will then be available in some Better Place outlets, as well as at some Renault dealers.

In Denmark, the cars will be sold through the Renault network and require Better Place ‘subscriptions’ which include access to a network of charge stations and battery change stations.