The all-new Kia ‘Kee’ 2+2 sports coupe concept unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show today is being described by the company as heralding a new look and design language for future Kia cars.

The company maintains that Kia’s Frankfurt-based design team, headed by Gregory Guillaume, set out to make Kee a landmark car in Kia’s history. 

It is no coincidence, says Kia, that its name plays on the word ‘key’ because that is how essential Kee is to the future of Kia.  Kee also acknowledges the Chinese and Korean word ´Ki` – the cultural concept for life-force or spiritual energy.

The new style grille will become the new ‘face of Kia’ across Kia’s product range.

Behind the square-bottomed steering wheel are paddles to shift the six-speed semi-automatic sequential gearbox. 
Instead of a standard gear stick an ergonomically designed lever sits atop the milled aluminium centre console and requires only a nudge forward or backward to select the desired drive mode.  And the top of the computer mouse-like lever flips up to reveal the electronic starter button.

All the main interior surfaces are covered in semi-suede microfibre materials and the sports seats use a hard-wearing but distinctive metallic-finish silver cloth. 

The rear of the 2+2 cabin is sufficiently spacious, says Kia, to allow two adult passengers to travel on individual seats in the back of the vehicle whenever necessary.