At 365cm long, 164cm wide and 155cm high, Fiat says its Frankfurt show star, the redesigned Panda, is only a few centimetres larger every which way than its predecessor.

Among many changes come TwinAir twin-cylinder engines: the 85h turbo and a new 65hp aspirated engine.

At its launch, the new model will be available with front-wheel drive – then four wheel drive follows. There will be two more established engines (69hp 1.2 petrol Fire and 75hp 1.3 Multijet II diesel) and three trim levels.

New content includes Blue&Me TomTom Live that combines the advantages of an infotainment system which is integrated and connected with those of a portable navigator and, uring the first year of sales, an innovative braking system which, at speeds below 30km/h, is able to detect obstacles at close range and stop the car automatically.

Other Frankfurt Fiat debuts include a 4WD Freemont (Dodge Journey for Europe) and an updated Punto line which also gets TwinAir engines.