Brose is to unveil an electric oil pump and a newly developed air conditioning compressor at Frankfurt IAA 2015 for conventional drives as well as electric and hybrid vehicles.

The electric oil pump plays a role in automatic start-stop technology and ‘coasting’, for example. Both modes of operation save fuel, says Brose and reduce up to 10g of CO2 emissions by turning off the internal combustion engine.

The pump maintains oil pressure in the transmission in these driving modes, while Brose maintains handling is not affected and the vehicle restarts without any time delay.

The auxiliary system allows engineers to make the main transmission oil pump smaller when used with variable as well as automatic and dual clutch transmissions, resulting in savings in fuel consumption and emissions.

The system comprises an electronically commutated motor, an electronic control unit (ECU) and a hydraulic pump for a power range of 50 to 350 watts. Compared to component solutions, the electric oil pump is lighter.

It is available with ferrite or rare earth magnets, depending on customer requirements. Series production will start in 2018.

Interior air conditioning is a great challenge for hybrid and electric vehicles, says Brose, due to the internal combustion engine operating both the oil pump and conventional air conditioning system.

“This is where Brose’s electric air conditioning compressor comes in,” noted a Brose statement. “It takes over the role of the internal combustion engine to provide the same level of comfort – even if the vehicle has an electric drive. The motor also offers new functions such as auxiliary air conditioning.”

The supplier combines the motor, ECU and compressor in a single system. Operation is possible in both 48-volt and high-voltage electrical systems.

Conventional chemical solutions as well as environmentally-friendlier CO2 gas can be used as a refrigerant. The operation reduces pollutants by up to 4g per km. In addition, the use of a scroll compressor ensures a constant coolant flow rate and low-noise operation.

In the future, it will also be possible to use the electric air conditioning compressor as a heat pump in electric vehicles.

Where CO2 is used as a refrigerant, this can also heat the interior without significantly reducing the vehicle’s range.