BMW and Toyota Motor are discussing the possible expansion of their existing alliance, BMW's chief finance officer Friedrich Eichiner said in Frankfurt Tuesday (15 September). The talks between the two automakers come as the global auto industry faces upheaval through the emergence of new technology and increasing regulatory pressure to cut emissions and introduce new safety features in all cars, reported.

Toyota and BMW already work together to develop fuel cell vehicle technology and recently showed a prototype vehicle, a converted BMW 5-series with a hydrogen engine. BMW also supplies diesel engines to Toyota.

"Both companies are interested in further expanding their cooperation," Eichiner told reporters on the sidelines of the Frankfurt show. "But we are not thinking of any kind of capital exchange."

Eichiner also said he saw no sign of improvement in China. Once the fastest-growing car market, China car sales are in decline as the economy grows. The Chinese government has pledged to intervene to spur growth again.

"But so far we don't see that in our sales figures," Eichiner said. "The days of turbulent growth in China may be over forever."