Valeo’s belt-driven “Start-Stop” system was featured on the Hyundai ECO Getz 1.1 CRDi, a concept super low emission vehicle displayed at the Paris motor show.

This is the first time that Valeo’s innovation has been shown with a diesel engine though it’s worth noting that VW has previously marketed diesel cars with stop-start systems, albeit using different technology. The Valeo system, which Hyundai named ISG or ‘Idle Stop & Go’, stops and restarts the engine instantly and silently using a combined starter-alternator.

This system was specifically designed by Valeo and Hyundai for this new generation diesel engine. It is claimed to help reduce both urban noise and air pollution and also improve driving comfort while reducing fuel consumption.

In built-up areas, vehicles are at standstill for nearly 30% of driving time: in these conditions, this system can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 10%.