Renault would be interested in buying Ford’s Volvo unit if the price was right and it were up for sale but the companies have not discussed this, chairman Louis Schweitzer told reporters at an industry conference, adding that he did not think Ford was interested in selling Volvo, Reuters reported.

But, while he stressed it was a hypothetical question, Schweitzer said Renault had shown an interest in Volvo 10 years ago and that the unit would still make a good strategic fit, the report said.

“If the price was right, yes,” Schweitzer reportedly said when asked if Renault would consider buying Volvo. “Volvo is a great brand, it always has been. … It is profitable and doing well,” Reuters quoted him as saying.

Ford’s Premier Automotive Group (PAG) CEO Mark Fields reportedly said earlier that Ford had no plans to sell Volvo, part of PAG, despite media speculation, the news agency said.

According to Reuters, Schweitzer also said Renault was currently building around half of its cars to order and aimed to lift this to two-thirds eventually.