Renault has begun building its fourth spare parts warehouse in Sens-Villeroy, south-east of Paris. It is due to open in September next year.

The new centre is being built in response to an increase in parts demand and the broadening of the Renault vehicle range.

The facility, being built by Cirmad, a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, will eventually have four buildings totalling 150,000 square metres, which can be extended to 200,000m3.

Renault has three other warehouses in France: Cergy-Pontoise, Flins and Saint-Ouenl.Aumône which are now to small to cope with further increases in the group’s spare parts volume.

The new warehouse will group inventories stored at different service providers’ premises – 11 sites in France, with a total surface area of 240,000m3, in addition to the 215,000m3 covered by the three existing centres.

Renault claims this ‘geographic centralisation’ will help boost logistics performance.

The first building will be ready for use in June 2006 and the three others will be opened gradually by March 2007. The warehouse will operate from September 2006 and be fully functional by the end of 2007.

Renault is aiming for better parts quality, cost and delivery times for customers and improved logistics at all of its spare parts centres, optimising surface area and product distribution.

It claims this fourth site will give it a “world-class” logistics system.

The new facility will employ over 300 people recruited mainly from outside the company, while some personnel from the Cergy and Flins centres will be transferred to the site.