Renault group global sales last month fell 14.1% to 188,116 vehicles (passenger and light commercial).

Renault brand sales fell 16.9%, Dacia sales grew 20.2% and Renault Samsung Motors
reported a 27.7% decrease.

The slowdown in the European market intensified. The main emerging markets where the Renault group is present (Russia, Brazil, Romania, Turkey) fell off dramatically. The used car market worsened further, particularly in Europe. The financial crisis became more acute with a strong impact on the sales network.

In the Europe region, droup sales fell 16% in October, in line with the market decrease of 15%.

Dacia sales in the Europe region increased more than 84% in October, rising for the 10th consecutive month in 2008.

In the Americas region, where the market was down 12.1% in October, the group held up well, with sales off 9%.

In the Euromed region, where the market lost 5.7% in October, Renault group sales fell 13.7%.

In the Asia-Africa region, group sales fell 5.3% in a market that rose 3.9% in October.