Renault and French motorway operator VINCI Autoroutes are to cooperate on electric vehicle charging infrastructure, along with associated services, on the highway network.

Vinci will install EV charging stations in carpool parking lots, with at least five spaces set aside for EVs in each lot. Vinci will build 738 carpool parking spaces between now and 2013. 

In addition both companies will work on installing quick-charging infrastructures in some motorway service plazas. This programme will focus on the sections of the Vinci network most commonly used for short-distance journeys, particularly commuting. Three such sections are Paris – Orléans – Tours, Paris – Chartres – Le Mans and Arles – Montpellier.

Vinci said it would also add electric vehicles to its operating fleet, with first tangible operations slated to start by the end of 2011.

“The partnership with Renault shows we are determined to be an assertive player in sustainable mobility by offering customers motorways that are safer, more user-friendly and more environment-protective and encouraging them to drive differently,” said Vinci Autoroutes EVP Andre Broto.