One analyst says any potential sale of PSA Peugeot Citroen’s supplier interest could make sense as component manufacturing is not core to the automaker’s activity.

Speculation has centred on a potential disposal of PSA’s interest in Faurecia, with the supplier noting last week it was “up to PSA” what it did with its 57% stake.

“Luckily, the demand for car suppliers is high at the moment and probably they are just trying to find the optimal solution here,” Metzler Bank automotive analyst, Juergen Pieper, told just-auto from Germany.

Should PSA decide to divest itself of the Faurecia stake, it would add to a burgeoning list of disposals the automaker has made, including securing EUR800m for logistics division GEFCO and arranging the sale and leaseback of its headquarters in the avenue de la Grande Armee on Paris.

“Having an empire, Peugeot had this empire, but it is not core, it is not important, you don’t need it,” said Pieper.

“It makes no strategic sense – you are in a difficult situation – you sell it.”

PSA recently noted to just-auto: “Faurecia is not for sale – this is what we say at the beginning of 2013 and we did not change our position,” although the new CEO given his background as Renault COO, may look to evaluate the 57% stake in the supplier.