Two years after opening its Automotive Design Network (ADN) centre in October 2004, PSA Peugeot Citroën has decided to further stimulate creativity by having two competing teams of stylists for each of its Peugeot and Citroën brands.

From now on, two different design studios with smaller creative teams will be asked to come up with designs for each new model for either brand.

“Introducing this element of competition within the ADN should further strengthen designers’ creativity,” PSA said in a statement. “The head of each studio will report directly to the marque’s styling manager, who will foster the competitive spirit while ensuring that the marque’s values and DNA are respected.”

PSA added that its ADN teams have proved their creative power by winning a large majority of the last 20 competitions against outside design studios. The aim of creating two competing studios within each of the Peugeot and Citroën styling teams is to further enhance this creative potential.

The modular ADN building, designed by architect Jacques Ripault, made it easy to create four design studios of equal size and brightness to accommodate the new process without changing the overall surface area or the number of employees.

PSA stressed that the change in no way suggests that it would cease to work with outside design studios.

The ADN was built in 2004 to bring the automaker’s styling and engineering teams together under one roof, with all resources necessary.

PSA said that overall efficiency improved immediately; 25 projects were undertaken in 2005 compared with 17 in 2004, an increase of nearly 50%. Today, over a thousand people of 21 different nationalities work in the 70,000-square-metre design centre, located close to Paris.