PSA Peugeot-Citroen management at its Trnava facility in Slovakia and the Oz Kovo trade union have signed a collective labour agreement.

The three-year agreement outlines labour/management commnication, work time organisation, pay, safety, working conditions and welfare protection.

Key measures in the agreement concern:

 – the recognition of a partnership with the union and the introduction of communications and consultations with union representatives;

 – the automaker’s commitment to non-discrimination in hiring and career development;

 – the reorganisation of working hours on a yearly basis to respond to variations in demand and employee expectations;

 – the introduction of annual wage negotiations, with the signing of a wage agreement as early as this year;

 – the introduction of an additional employee benefit and pension plan to round out the legal provisions;

 – the implementation of a policy to improve working conditions and safety.

“These social measures accompany the development of the group’s industrial activities in Slovakia. They are part of the world agreement on social responsibility that makes provision for the application of the best human resources practices at all the worldwide subsidiaries,” PSA said in a statement.