Further details have emerged this afternoon (25 November) concerning PSA Peugeot Citroen’s decision to nominate former Renault COO, Carlos Tavares, to succeed Philippe Varin next year.

Tavares will join PSA’s managing board from 1 January, 2014, until his appointment as president next year, with Varin asking the appoinment be made ‘rapidly.’

“By choosing Carlos Tavares, renowned automotive industry professional, to succeed Philippe Varin in 2014, the supervisory board ensures the strategy of recovery and development to overcome the current crisis, a strategy that has been carried out for several years, will continue to be executed over the long term,” said supervisory board president, Thierry Peugeot.

It appears Varin requested PSA go forward under the tutelage of a new leader, with a PSA statement noting: “Philippe Varin expressed the wish the next step of consolidation and conquest be undertaken under the leadership of a new pilot, enabling the strategy of the Group to be implemented over the long term.

“He asked the supervisory board to set up a succession process leading to the rapid appointment of a new member of the managing board in order to succeed him in 2014.”