Peugeot is to dump its traditional model naming policy and call the production version of the 2007 Frankfurt show 308 RCZ concept just ‘RCZ’ when it goes on sale in spring 2010.

“The exceptional levels of interest expressed at the show convinced Peugeot that they had to turn this concept car into a commercial reality,” the automaker said.

The main challenge was to make the final production vehicle meet expectations created by the exterior styling of the concept car.

“The first wish had always been to keep the purity of the original concept’s styling, but also to ensure that the car would drive as well as it looks. In fact, some very ambitious targets were set in terms of driving dynamics and build quality, in order to give the car its own extremely strong identity,” Peugeot said.

It wants the compact 2+2 coupé to be an exclusive vehicle, “full of emotion, aimed at enthusiasts who are particularly discerning with regards to driving enjoyment”.

The production car will be launched at Frankfurt this year.