Yet another PSA Peugeot Citroen union has raised concerns surrounding the mooted alliance between the French automaker and General Motors.

The possibility of a Franco-US tie-up has provoked a frenzy of union reaction both within PSA, as well as its German and British colleagues in Opel and Vauxhall.

“This alliance will not resolve specific problems, in particular European overcapacity within the two groups with a magic wand,” said the CFE-CGC trade union. This announcement is happening after much news concerning the financial health of the group, its production costs, size and the need to cut workforce costs.

“For the CFE-CGC, there is a need to go further to answer legitimate questions of the workforce and the leadership the CFE-CGC represents. In particular, the CFE-CGC expects a detailed analysis of this alliance and the consequences for the PSA workforce, which has already seen upheaval through a productivity plan involving functional and geographical mobility.”

The union confirmed what other French and German labour bodies have told just-auto, namely there would be an extraordinary meeting held in Paris on 16 March to discuss the alliance.

“The CFE-CGC will be present throughout the implementation of this alliance to watch out for the best interests of its workforce,” added a union statement.