Nissan Europe has reported sales of 29,044 vehicles in October 2005, a decrease of 34.4% over the same month last year.

However, from January to October 2005, sales rose 4% to 474,103 units.

In the ten month period from January to October 2005, Nissan sold 41,942 units in France, up by 5.1% compared to last year.

Germany sales fell 5.6% to 46,412 units. In Italy, sales fell 22.1% to 48,500 units.

Russian sales of 4,031 units in October were up 61.6% on last year. From January to October, sales rose 72.2% to 36,936 units.

Nissan’s Spanish sales in October were off 32,8% to 4,225 units but year-to-date sales rose 8.7% to 60,208 units.

In the UK, sales were off 45.6% to 4,939 but the YTD total was up 3.6% to 92,966 units.

Sales of Nissan Europe’s top-selling model, the UK-built Micra were off 1.5% to 141,117 units in the first 10 months.