Citroën is almost as renowned in France for its architecture as it is for its advanced cars, with its buildings listed as historic landmarks across Europe, but for a decade it has not had access to one of its most famous sites, its showroom in the Champs-Elysées in Paris after leasing the building to Hippo, a French fast food chain.

But after the 20-year lease ended this week, Citroën has taken the keys back to No. 42, Avenue Champs-Elysées, which first opened in 1927 as a cutting edge Art Deco design Citroën showroom, and it is planning to build a new building that will be just as advanced as the original.

Architect Manuelle Gautrand’s project features a moving spiral of seven superimposed revolving platforms, on which vehicles will be displayed.

Visitors to the high-tech centre will find a full range of customer services presented with the latest multimedia and computer driven systems, together with a wide range of exhibits of cultural interest, such as vintage cars from the Citroën collection and a library on the history of the famous brand.

The prestigious, historic premises are scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2006.