Foresight Autonomous has announced an additional sale of a prototype of its QuadSight four-camera vision system, targeted for the semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicle market to an unnamed Japanese Tier 1 supplier.

Revenue from the prototype system sale is expected to total tens of thousands of dollars.

Cornes Technologies, Foresight's distributor in Japan, facilitated the prototype system sale, the first from a Japanese customer. The Japanese Tier One automotive supplier participated in a technological roadshow which took place earlier this year.

Different scenarios were tested, simulating obstacle detection in challenging weather and lighting conditions.

"This order affirms the importance of our technological roadshow strategy, which offers potential strategic partners the chance to experience our QuadSight system in real time and better understand its outstanding detection capabilities," said Foresight CEO, Haim Siboni. 

"I am confident the successful roadshow in Japan will generate additional orders of prototype systems from vehicle manufacturers and Tier One suppliers in the coming months."