With the usual rider 2020 sales were Covid-impacted, Ford said its European second quarter (Q2) sales rose 73,746 units, or 43.7% year on year, to 242,618 units in an overall ‘Euro 20’ market up 1,564,060, or 65.8% year on year, to 3,942,090 units.

Ford’s YTD (H1) volume was up 92,656/22.6% to 502,677 vehicles in an overall market of 7,569,461, up 1,719,638/29.4%.

The automaker’s Q2 market share was down 0.9% to 6.2% and, for the first half, off 0.4% to 6.6%.

Retail market share fell 1% to 5.8% in the quarter and 0.7% to 6.1% for the half year.

Top five markets by volume for both periods were Britain, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

Puma was the top selling passenger car model in both Q2 (43,677) and H1 (83,246) with the Transit Custom the most popular light commercial (32,767; 70,604).

Ford claimed Kuga was the EU20 most popular PHEV while the Mustang EV topped sales charts in electric car-friendly Norway in May.