Tech Mahindra has announced a partnership with synthetic data platform Anyverse.

The companies would focus on accelerating AI adoption in the automotive industry.

Tech Mahindra will use Anyverse’s platform to simplify the use of synthetic data sets to train, validate, and fine-tune its automotive customers’ AI systems.

The collaboration will focus on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), in-cabin systems, and autonomous vehicle (AV) applications.

The companies said this would help accelerate AI adoption and software validation timelines by between 30 and 40%.

“The automotive industry is at the cusp of a major transformation, and Software-defined vehicles (SDVs) will be at the forefront of this change. SDVs are set to revolutionise the industry, necessitating an increased focus on CASE (Connected Autonomous Shared Electric) capabilities,” said Narasimham RV, Global Head, Integrated Engineering Services at Tech Mahindra.