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Fischer wins more supply deals from Daimler

By Graeme Roberts 19 Jul 2021 (Last Updated July 19th, 2021 16:36)

Having earlier announced a contract for Mercedes S-Class parts, a supplier has added C-Class components

Fischer wins more supply deals from Daimler
One version of the C-Class nozzle includes illumination

Fischer Automotive Systems announced it was supplying components for Daimler’s updated C-Class.

The interior has Fischer’s illuminated vents and cup holders.

The cockpit components are produced at two of the supplier’s factories in Horb, Germany and Ivanovice na Hane, Czech Republic. Three different versions of the air vents are being produced, with the main version offering 64 different illumination options.

Sandwich injection moulding is used to ensure the lamellae in the air vents are able to withstand strong bending loads. The process involves injecting at least two plastics simultaneously during production.

A hot stamping process achieves a high-quality chrome look during which a stamping foil is applied to the components.