FIH Mobile and Stellantis have established a joint venture to deliver automotive cockpit solutions to be known as Mobile Drive.

Mobile Drive will be equally owned by Stellantis and Foxconn Technology Group, with product development and technology gains expedited through the integration of global supply chains.

Management team of the new entity will comprise senior executives from each company. The move comes after a Memorandum of Understanding was initially signed on 18 May, 2021.

Mobile Drive will focus on developing infotainment and telematics solutions, as well as a cloud service platform, which will aim to deliver a smart cockpit.

Its roadmap of software innovations will include artificial intelligence-based applications, navigation, voice assistance, e-commerce store operations and payment services integration, among others. The hardware innovations will be related to the smart cockpit and telematics box.

Through the exchange of intellectual property by its founding entities and the vertical integration of respective supply chains, Mobile Drive maintains it will be able to “create automotive digital services to achieve a seamless user experience in and outside the vehicle.”

In the future, the smart cockpit solution will not only be available to all Stellantis vehicles, but also to third-party vehicle manufacturers.