At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Olivier Francois, Fiat CEO and CMO Global of Stellantis , officially announced plans to offer the fully electric Fiat 500e in North America.

Spearheading the brand’s electrification strategy, the new 500e will arrive in the US market in early 2024.

“Since 1899, Fiat has played a role in developing mobility, not only delivering vehicles to the masses but also pursuing a social mission and riding the wave of ‘what’s next,'” said Olivier Francois, Fiat CEO and Global CMO Stellantis. “Today, more than ever, we are facing a global revolution, which means that customers are looking for more than just a car and we intend to embrace their changing needs. The new 500e is more than a car, it is a social project to feed America’s appetite for change toward sustainable mobility.

“We want to introduce America to EVS with our icon, the Fiat 500, because this is the right thing to do. On a corporate side, we need to trailblaze new pathways and it will be a privilege for our new 500e to help lead change. On the human level: it is a commitment to taking customers into the future of mobility… again.”

During the press conference, Olivier Francois outlined Fiat’s plans in North America and announced that the official reveal of the North American 500e will take place next year at the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show. Availability is Q1 of 2024.